vineri, 6 februarie 2015

Same hospital, douzins of ill people

The Hemathology Department of the Universitary Hospital from Bucharest is overloaded. It's awfull! I have presented to Profesor Doctor Ana-Maria Vladareanu a 37 years old pacient. She emergently kept her in the hispital. With her kind voice she explianed me very clearly that we must ask all the people from the country and those from above and explain to them that people need their medecins, complex investigations at private clinics and that the hospital needs a new laboratory that costs 100 000 euro.
All these things to save our pacients that are so weak in front of their illlness. Let's help them, pls! God gave me the chance to live.
In the pictures below you can see me.

 If you come at the hospital you will see douzins like me.
Everything that you donate are being managed by the hospital's Council.

I pray at the Good Lors to give you health and wisdom to judge with your heart!

Euro Account; RO98RZBR0000060017207981 (SWIFT RZBR ROBU)
Lei Account: RO79RZBR0000060013404565

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